Under ultra-high pressure: plant engineering from RST


  • High-pressure water-jet cleaning machines for such operations as cleaning, paint removal, decoating, decoring and decontamination - either as manually operated or as fully automated solutions, e.g. using robots
  • Water recovery units


  • Special-purpose customer-specific solutions
  • Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Certified to Section 19 I WHG (German Water Resources Act)
  • Radiation protection officer to Section 15 of the German Regulations on Radiation Protection, some staff are holders of individual radiological monitoring passes
  • By applying our capabilities in electrical engineering, we can supply special-purpose equipment employing innovative automation concepts.


  • Industry (e.g. foundries, automotive suppliers, steel & titanium makers)
  • Nuclear energy
  • Service providers 


picture1010                            ISO9001