Bag filtration

To minimise the operating costs for the cleaning process and protect the environment, we always recommend incorporating the RST water treatment unit in the recirculating water system. High-pressure pumps are very sensitive to particulate foreign bodies so the water has to be filtered accordingly before being returned to the system. Water treatment units by RST set high standards: in the fully automated treatment plants built by RST, a number of different filtration technologies matched specifically to the individual task are employed. Robust, economical filtration is achieved by the bag filter housings using a number of different filter cartridges. In RST water treatment units, we only use stainless steel housings with polished surfaces and quick-release lid fittings. Filter stages of this type are arranged in series to match the flow rate and, if the customer so wishes, as redundant systems and, in all cases, with a differential pressure indicator. Depending on the filter cartridge used, particles of 100, 50 ,25, 10 or just 1 µm can be filtered out.