Crucible cleaning

The automated high-pressure water cleaning process is carried out in a soundproofed housing with stainless steel lining. The crucibles are inserted in the machine and removed from it using a gantry crane. The residues washed off the workpieces are collected in a perforated residue pan which can be removed for emptying when required via the housing door.
The vertical motion of the rotating starburst formation nozzle inside the crucible being cleaned is controlled by a telescopic system which is powered by electric motors and a rope winch. An incremental encoder integrated in the winch guarantees that the motion inside the crucible is exactly measured. The high-pressure water jet system is forced to rotate by the power of repulsion which ensures uniform revolving action around its longitudinal axis. The water is fed to the system via a high-pressure hose which is guided by a hose magazine taking into account the permissible bending radius. The entire telescopic mechanism is mounted on a frame above the chamber and is moved horizontally to a parking position to allow the crucibles to be loaded and discharged. In the cleaning position, an integrated protective cover resting on the crucible flange prevents high-pressure water being forced out of the workpiece.



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