Workshop for switchgear projects blossoms into control systems specialist

The 38-year history of RST GmbH in Hamminkeln, Germany, shows that, just because a corporate strategy has been used successfully in the past, does not mean it has to stay like that and, if the company has previously unexpected development opportunities and if the company's managers have the right "gut" feeling about the needs and requirements of the market and their own capabilities, ..."

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In changing its emphasis from being a subsupplier to being a plant manufacturer, RST faced a range of new organisational challenges.

"RST embarks on a new venture as a plant manufacturer" was how we put it three years ago when we reported on this manufacturer of control technology based in Hamminkeln, north Germany. Since then, RST's venture has taken them well down the road. "Compared with three years ago, everything has changed", Bernhard Lechtenberg, commercial Managing Director of the company, explains the change-over and the learning curve that RST has since been through...

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By combining state-of-the-art high-pressure technology with the lastest in automation, RST has developed a way of cleaning foundry core boxes quickly and economically using high-pressure water. Safe mode control systems made by Siemens and robot-controlled ultra-high pressure tools reduce the cycle time required for cleaning a core box used for manufacturing engine blocks and cylinder heads to less than 20 minutes.

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What do suppliers in the field of plant construction do when they begin to feel the pressure from market prices? They become manufacturers. RST has shown the industry how successfully this can be done.

Hans Finkenberg's enthusiasm for the complex sheet-steel construction in front of him is almost tangible as he presents the KKRA core-box cleaning machine. He points to the metal cabinets, conveyor, crane-mounter gripper and plexiglass doors: "That's more or less all made by us." A satisfied manufacturer who used to be just a supplier. This transformation was completed by RST Regel- und Steuerungsanlagen GmbH within a period of just five years...

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Cleaning of Core Tools and Decoring of Cast Parts Using High-pressure Water Technology

Highly demanding cleaning processes are indispensable in the manufacture of moulding material cores and when decoring cast parts. The frequently very complex geometries of the core boxes to be cleaned and of the cast parts requires very high and constant precision of the processes and technical devices which should fulfil this task to perfection. Because complete removal of the residue of moulding material is an elementary quality criterion...

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