Drive technology

RST GmbH equips machines with variable-frequency drives (VFDs) with power outputs up to 1.6 MW - from individual drives to multiple drive arrays with over 100 drives.
Electrical equipment for installations manufacturing woven and non-woven materials is one of our strengths, where the focus is on transporting the web using appropriately regulated drives. Our customers, at home in the textiles, paper and plastics industries, profit in particular from our skills in winding techniques.

In addition to this, RST provides tailor-made special-purpose drive systems, for example in the field of testing where standard solutions available on the market do not fit the bill. Whether the drives are speed or torque regulated, they will meet the highest demands in terms of speed, ouput, rotational accuracy and dynamics: peak-precision special-purpose motors are complemented by perfectly matched RST switchgear, customer-specific software and individually designed operating concepts.

The components we use are made by renowned manufacturers, while we can, of course, incorporate customers' own preferences if required.
RST provides solutions to specific technical problems faced by customers in many industries, when the products available on the market are insufficient, by developing our own answers. In this way, drive components such as hollow-shaft potentiometers and tension-measuring bearings have been developed, have proved their reliability over many years in practice and have been adapted as the needs of the market change to meet new requirements.

Drive technology

  • Siemens: Sinamics, Masterdrives, Micromaster
  • Lenze: 8400, 9300, 9400

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