Refurbishing existing production installations enables cost savings of up to 60% to be achieved compared with the purchase of new machinery.
In many older machines, the mechanical components are still in good condition, so it is often only necessary to replace automation and drive technology in order to upgrade the machine to the state of the art. Frequent improvements are, for example, upgrading from Siemens S5 controllers to S7 or replacing DC drives with modern AC ones.
With all refurbishment programmes, RST's precision timing plays an important part to minimise disruption to the customer's production processes. Since the machine in its refurbished state is still known to the operatives, excessively complex training sessions are not required. Based on a thorough assessment of the status quo and needs and taking into account the machine's history, the specialist engineers at RST can achieve the following aims.

  • Increased availability and dependability
  • Reductions in operating costs through power savings, for example
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Quality improvement due to improved accuracy
  • Extension or adaptation of functions to match current needs
  • Optimised convenience in terms of operation and visualisation
  • Adaptation to ensure compliance with current standards of occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Improved capability for networking and remote diagnostics
  • Securing the availability of replacement parts

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